Services: Commercial Flooring

At Kourtis Flooring, we provide installation and maintenance services for all flooring products we sell.
A flooring product is only as good as the professional who installs it. When you select us to install your floor, you can rest assured that it will be installed professionally and in accordance with the manufacturer's

Additionally, with the introduction of our MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS division, we offer on-going preventive maintenance and cleaning services for every type of flooring we install. This enhances the performance and appearance of the floor and extends its life. Awarding Kourtis Flooring the maintenance
contract for the flooring we install, permits us to offer extended 5 year and in many cases life-time warranties on installation. Please see our MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS section for more information.

Often our clients rely on us for direction and recommendations for flooring solutions.

The process begins with a thorough consultation to ascertain the client's requirements and includes a detailed on-site inspection to assess site conditions and limitations

The process continues with the consideration of several critical factors including budget, regulatory and performance requirements, traffic, ease of maintenance, aesthetics and design appeal.

Finally at least 2 alternatives are presented for consideration along with corresponding documentation and pricing proposals.

We provide project management services on every project.


One important distinction at Kourtis Flooring is the fact that our people are salaried staff members of our team, not sub-contractors. This makes all the difference when it comes to assuring quality, team work with other trades, proper set up/clean up practices and special customer requests. Our clients benefit from the familiarity and consistency of our team members project after project and our ability to revise works schedules to accommodate client changes.


Staying true to our mission statement and our commitment to the environment, Kourtis Flooring offers several value-added features to our Customers in order to "meet their needs and exceed their expectations" while reducing our impact on the environment.


    Over the years- we've sourced and tested many different floor coatings and floor finish systems. The result: An extraordinary understanding of the different attributes of each system and the ability to recommend the optimal floor finish for each client on an individual basis. All floor coating systems used are low VOC water-based systems that provide exceptionally strong wear with very little odor as to not disrupt regular facility operation.


    One important way we add extra value to our Customers is by scheduling work in a manner that minimizes disruption to our Customers' regular business operations and to facility programs. Work is scheduled and coordinated around the clock and/or at nights to reduce down-time and minimize inconvenience to the Customer.


    When it comes to wood floor refinishing, we've asked our Customers how we can improve the "floor refinishng experience" and a resounding reply has been dust minimization. In response, we've acquired the cutting edge CLARKE CAV26 TRIPLE HEPA filter DUSTLESS SANDING SYSTEM to eliminate dust from the wood restoration and preservation processes. This allows us to service projects that were previously

    considered possible only while incurring shutdowns and disruption to adjacent areas and activities.


In typical cases, Kourtis Flooring DOUBLES the 1 year industry standard installation warranty by offering our customers a general 2 year warranty on installation.

When our customers award us the maintenance and cleaning contract for the flooring we've installed, the installation warranty increases to 5 years and in many cases to a life-time warranty on the installation of the flooring. Please see our MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS section for more information.

Kourtis Flooring Ltd., from Consultation thru to Installation, Restoration and Preservation, we are the one-stop solution for all your flooring needs.